7 Reasons Why You Need a Facial!

Looking for a way to treat yourself and de-stress without breaking the bank? Here at BeWell MedSpa we offer the best facials in the heart of the Fort Lauderdale area and below are 7 reasons why you need a facial!

1. Stress relief

Let’s face it… life can be extremely stressful. Everyone deserves an uninterrupted hour of stress-reducing bliss.

2. Support graceful aging

Getting a regular facial helps to boost cellular turnover and collagen development for firmer skin.

3. Detoxify the skin

For a deeper cleanse and detoxification than you can get on your own on a daily basis, a facial is just the thing.

4. Tighten the skin

The professional grade products used by our estheticians give your skin extra support for increased collagen production.

5. Reduce under-eye circles

A facial can help you feel and look more rested by reducing the appearance of under eye puffiness and circles.

6. Boost absorption of skincare products

The best way to get more value from your skincare products is to make sure your skin is actually absorbing them, and this is what a facial does.

7. It’s a work out for your skin! 

Just like going to the gym, results only happen when you go. Exfoliating the skin is key to younger brighter skin, and it’s done properly with our licensed, trained estheticians.

We offer a monthly facial club for just $59 a month. If you want to work out your skin even more, each additional facial is only $39 within the month! Hellooo beautiful fresh skin! 

Everyday we help people achieve beautiful youthful results! No matter what look you’re after our South Florida BeWell MedSpa experts will help you achieve the best beauty and aesthetic looks possible. What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment or free consultation today.