g spot shot

G- Spot Shot

Women of any age can be challenged with reaching the heights of orgasm pleasure as portrayed in the famous deli scene in When Harry Met Sally. “YES! YES! YES!” sounds more like “no, no, no.” You could very well be a woman who has been turned on and found sex enjoyable but you have never fully realized the intensity of a body shaking orgasm. You may have thought these orgasms were “stuff” of legends or real housewife banter. The truth is that the BIG O is big! It is earth shaking. It is wildly enjoyable. You can search for this treasure by trying new positions, adding vibrators, Kegel exercises or following the Orgasmic Diet regimen. The easiest way to get a firework type orgasm on New Year’s Eve is to treat yourself to the G SPOT SHOT Fort Lauderdale treatment at BeWell MedSpa.

The Fort Lauderdale G SPOT SHOT is administered by a woman, Board Certified Practitioner Michal Kitai, ARNP in a luxury medical spa environment. The Fort Lauderdale G SPOT SHOT is a painless procedure that uses your own growth factors which are separated from a sample of your own blood to stimulate the orgasmic centers of your vagina and clitoris.

This is non-surgical, simple and will change the way you feel sexually. After you settle in to the treatment room, blood will be drawn from your arm and placed into a centrifuge that extracts your platelet rich plasma. The platelet rich plasma is collected and then injected into your easily and totally numbed vagina and clitoris. While some feel a teeny tap, most feel like nothing at all. The platelet rich plasma regenerates your tissues and stimulates your hormones.

You can have sex immediately after the procedure if you want to but you will begin to feel the effects of a dramatically heightened libido with longer lasting toe curling orgasms within 10-14 days. You notice a tightening of the area as well as increased natural lubrication. While these additional benefits could be major benefits for your partner, remember The Fort Lauderdale G SPOT SHOT is about you, not them.

Another benefit of the Fort Lauderdale G SPOT SHOT is bladder control. If you are experiencing incontinence the Fort Lauderdale G SPOT SHOT improves your condition. More than 90 percent of women who previously suffered from stress incontinence reported that they completely stopped leaking urine after the treatment.

Awaken your vagina for 2017. Call today for a discreet discussion with Michal at BeWell MedSpa at 954-530-5203. Toast to a pleasurable 2017!