Body & Wellness / 25.08.2018

Women of any age can be challenged with reaching the heights of orgasm pleasure as portrayed in the famous deli scene in When Harry Met Sally. “YES! YES! YES!” sounds more like “no, no, no.” You could very well be a woman who has been turned on and found sex enjoyable but you have never fully realized the intensity of a body shaking orgasm. You may have thought these orgasms were “stuff” of legends or real housewife banter. The truth is that the BIG O is big! It is earth shaking. It is wildly enjoyable. You can search for this...

Cosmetic Procedures, Skin Care / 30.06.2016

The PRP facial is a great way produce a more glowing, skin rejuvenating result through a non-surgical treatment. Reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and other skin conditions is accomplished by creating a smoother epidermis which is the outer layer of your skin. The Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP facial through a combination of micro-injections and microneedling is able to form a new dermis which is the layer below the epidermis by using your own growth factors and targeted treatment protocols. Very important for new cell generation, growth factors are essential to the development of new elastic fibers...